How To Tell If My Girlfriend Wants Me To Shave

Wondering how to tell if my girlfriend wants me to shave? You see, whether you want to admit it or not, she has an opinion about your body and facial hair. She may like it when you have a three-day beard, or when other parts of your body are slightly unkempt. Or, she may want you to have a baby smooth face, and well-groomed and man-scaped body. While there may be no clear cut answer, there are many different ways to tell if your girlfriend wants you to shave.  

  1. You must first ask yourself if you are willing to shave and to what extent. You should not shave just because your girlfriend wants you to. Yes, it is a good idea to please her, but you also have to please yourself. So only shave if you are one hundred percent committed to the idea. 
  2. Read between the lines. If your girlfriend wants you to shave, chances are she is making sly comments about the state of your body and facial hair. Just pay attention to what she is saying. Statements like “body hair grosses me out” or “that guy looks so sexy without his beard” are great indicators. 
  3. Pay attention to her facial expressions. If she has a strong opinion about shaving, she will not be able to hide it, regardless of statements to the contrary. So try to pay attention to her face during close intimate sessions. Facial hair can be uncomfortable, and body hair can be a turn off. If she is feeling either of these sentiments, chances are her face will tell the entire story.  
  4. Just ask her. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with asking her. If you are old enough to shave, you are old enough to have an open and honest relationship. Asking her is the only way you can be 100 percent certain about whether she wants you to shave. 
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