How To Tell If She Is Telling The Truth About Her Ex

Knowing how to tell if she is telling the truth about her ex can be an issue in new relationships. Your new girl may have gotten into this relationship with you too soon after a breakup. When this is the case, there can be problems very early on, but there are ways to find out if she is telling the truth or not. Just be sure to put your foot down early. Let her know you are serious about this relationship and want to make sure she is, too.

  1. Ask the same question in different ways. You have to be clever and remember answers that she gives you. Ask her a specific question about her ex and remember the response. Give it a few days, ask again in a different way and see if the answers match.

  2. Talk to her friends. Sometime you can get information from her friends. There may be a friend who is willing to give up some information. Slyly ask her friends questions about your girlfriend's ex as if you already know the answer. Do not make it sound like you are fishing for answers, just be nonchalant. When you are trying to figure out how to tell if she is telling the truth about her ex, you have to be very cool about it.

  3. Check her friends list if she has a Facebook or MySpace. You are not being a snoop, you are just trying to verify information your girlfriend is telling you. If she says she does not communicate with her ex and you see there has been comments between the two of them, that is a way to know she is not telling the truth about her ex. Even if it is just casual conversation, she is lying because she has been communicating with her ex.

  4. Talk to the ex if you feel comfortable enough. Some people may not be comfortable with this situation. If her ex is man enough, he should be able to tell you the truth. Ask him what is going on with him and your girlfriend. If he says they have been communicating or have proof that they have, then bring it to her. She cannot deny it if he has proof. If the ex is willing to, both of you should approach her together. She cannot back out or lie about anything if everyone involved is present.

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