How To Tell If She’s Not Over You

When you and your girlfriend break up, you may be wondering how to tell if she’s not over you. Even if you don’t have any interest in her anymore at the time, if you find out she still likes you, that may make you change your mind. Look for some of these signs so you can tell if she’s not over you.

To tell if she’s not over you you will need:

  • Email or cell phone
  1. One way to tell if she’s not over you is if she still keeps in touch every day. She may call you just to say hi, or email and text you several times a day. If she was really over you she would move on and not try to stay in touch. If you still like her, she is giving you a chance to show it so don’t miss out on your opportunity.
  2. Making eye contact and smiling is another way to tell if she’s not over you. If you still see your ex-girlfriend once in awhile, you can tell if she still likes you by the way she looks at you. If she also smiles when she makes eye contact with you, that is another positive sign. Try to see if you can start things back up if you are still interested in her.
  3. When you are talking face-to-face, pay attention to her body language. If your old girlfriend touches you on the arm or is flirting with you, you can obviously tell that she’s not over you. If she also laughs a lot at anything you say, she’s giving you some clues.
  4. If your old girlfriend talks about the past a lot during your conversation, that is another good sign. If the past was so terrible she wouldn’t bring it up. To tell if she’s not over you, try to make her jealous of another girl and see how she reacts. If you see an opportunity in her reaction, you may be able to win her back if that is what you want to do. Tell her your current girlfriend is nowhere near as nice as she was, and see if that wins her over.
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