How To Tell If Someone Is Flirting With You

Not sure how to tell if someone is flirting with you?  Sometimes it seems like someone is flirting with you, but you don't want to guess wrong and embarrass yourself. The best way to know if someone is flirting is to read her body language. A flirting person will signal to you that she wants your attention. A person who's not interested will seem closed off.

  1. She tries to catch your glance. The best way to flirt with someone is to maintain eye contact. A person who's flirting will do all she can to look you in the eye. If you want to flirt too, go ahead and make eye contact back. While you want to hold her gaze for a bit longer than usual, be careful that you don't start too intensely at her and watch to make sure she isn't staring into your eyes for too long. While eye contact that lasts a bit longer than usual is flirty, eye contact that goes on too long is creepy. If you are interested in the person trying to flirt with you, the easiest thing to do is to refuse to meet her gaze.
  2. She casually touches you. When a girl flirts, her hand may flit across your shoulders or gently brush an invisible piece of dirt off your face. She may gently touch your arm to punctuate her thought or if you say something that she finds funny or sad. Be careful in how you respond to a touch. If you quickly yank your arm away, you send the signal that you aren't interested. A touch may also mark a turning point in your relationship with this person. If you accept it, she may begin to reveal more about herself or ask you more personal questions.
  3. She seems really interested in what you do. If a girl asks you about your job, your hobbies or your day to day life, and keeps asking questions about you, she's trying to flirt with you. When flirting with you, a person will often throw in encouraging phrases, such as "tell me more" or "that's so cool." She'll do her best to come up with ways to compliment you. If she does, graciously accept the compliment.
  4. She gets really close to you. Usually, people understand that other people need their space. In a face to face conversation, most people become uncomfortable if someone stands less than 18 inches or so away from them. But when a person is flirting with you, rules of personal space go out the window. She may  look for an excuse, such as standing next to you in a crowded bar, to get as close to you as possible. If you are uncomfortable with her invasion of your space, take a step away. If you want to welcome it, lean your head in closer to hers.
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