How To Tell If Someone Is Gay

Knowing how to tell if someone is gay is important. You don't want to waste your time trying to put the moves on a chick that's playing in a different league. Most times, knowing if someone is gay is as simple as paying attention. People will give you clues to their sexual orientation. Look past the fact that she's hot because she might not like the male species, while the guy on your right may dig the dudes. Here are some signs to help you tell if someone is gay.


  1. The obvious. Some women's sexual orientation is as easy to see as a bunch of stars on a clear night. Some girls carry themselves very masculine-like. They sport baggy pants and big tees and you never see them associating with guys. These chicks are specifically letting dudes know to stay away. Not all women that wear baggy clothes may fall into this category and not all women that have what would be considered a masculine presence is gay either. However, if you see a chick showing all of these characteristics, she is most likely gay.
  2. The ones you need to pay attention to. It's the chicks like Portia de Rossi that can cause a lot of confusion to a man's fragile senses. This woman is gorgeous. She oozes femininity and sex appeal. It just so happens she likes women. Coincidentally, Portia de Rossi is why so many men look up to Ellen Degeneres. How can men tell if someone like Portia de Rossi is gay? Get it out of your head that all gay women are rough necks. Just because she's beautiful doesn't mean she likes men and just because you think she's beautiful doesn't mean she isn't gay.
  3. Women give you clues. When a woman is interested in you, she's checking you out long before you've even noticed her. If you're actually able to hold a decent conversation that seems to be going somewhere, it means she's interested or you've got some potential. She'll only let you go so far without interest. You ever approached an icy chick at the bar? It means she's not feeling your man brand. The same thing goes with someone that's gay. A homosexual female is only going to let you get so far in conversation with her. If she's not feeling you, you'll know. However, just because she's not feeling you doesn't necessarily mean she's gay. Either way, she isn't for you.


  1. The dudes. Figuring out if a guy is gay is easier than deciphering a woman's sexual code. Women are complex balls of emotion, feelings and mixed signals in a man's eyes. But a guy knows a guy. A guy carrying himself slightly different then the stereotypical masculine fashion will have his sexuality questioned by another man. Dudes walking with switches, effeminate voices. Your gaydar doesn't need too much tweaking when examining a man.
  2. Harder to tell. Not all gay guys act like chicks. If you don't believe it, check out South Beach Miami. There are gay men that are very masculine. The best thing you can do is watch and see.
  3. A guys a guy. Men are hunters regardless of sexual preference. Gay guys hunt for other gay guys. All you have to do is watch. Hell, they may even approach you.
  4. The metro. Metrosexuals are often mistaken for homosexuals. Metrosexual men simply take the same care in appearance as women. They like girls. Don't mistake a metro for a gay guy. 

Does it matter?  What's the importance knowing someone is gay or not? If you're wondering because you're in to her, you're asking yourself the wrong questions. A true homosexual woman isn't going to want a guy. If you like this girl, the real question should be whether or not she's shown you certain signs she's mutually attracted to you. If she's gay, you wont receive those signs. If she's not interested in you, you won't receive the signs. It's narcissistic to assume just because a particular woman doesn't like you, she has no interest men at all. And just because a man is gay doesn't mean he wants you.

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