How To Tell If A Tattoo Needs Moisture

There are many reasons why someone would want to learn how to tell if a tattoo needs moisture. If a tattoo is too dry it can become irritated and even infected if you are not careful, so knowing when to apply moisture and how much moisture to apply can be a very useful bit of information. In truth, it is relatively easy to tell if a tattoo needs moisture. All that you need to do is follow these specific guidelines.

  1. If the tattoo is particularly itchy, it might need moisture. An itchy tattoo is a good indicator of the precursors to irritation or infection. If a tattoo seems itchier than it usually is, then you should try dabbing it with a moist cloth of some sort.
  2. If a tattoo causes a dull ache, it might need moisture. Dull, aching pain in the area where a tattoo is can indicate that it may need some moisture. Often times, pain in a tattoo is more indicative of a deeper problem, but, before resorting to going to the doctor, simply try adding moisture as this may help alleviate the pain.
  3. If the skin around a tattoo begins to peel, it may need moisture. Skin peeling is a good indicator that the skin on and around the tattoo is too dry and could lead to pain or irritation. The peeling of the skin will not permanently distort the tattoo, but it may temporarily make the tattoo look strange for a time.

For the most part, these guidelines are the best ways to know if a tattoo needs moisture. If water does not help a tattoo, you should consider consulting a physician. 

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