How To Tell If Tennis Balls Are Dead

Knowing how to tell if tennis balls are dead is important to practicing and playing tennis. If the tennis balls you use are dead, you may become accustomed to reacting to flat tennis balls, which is certainly not beneficial to your game. Take the following observations into account to learn how to tell if the tennis balls you are using are dead.

  1. Test to see how high the tennis balls bounce. See if the tennis balls in question bounce as high as new tennis balls. Comparing the bounce of the tennis balls is the best way to test whether the ball is dead, as the type of tennis balls and surface will produce a different bounce. A noticeably lower bounce is an easy way to distinguish a dead tennis ball from a good one.
  2. Examine the exterior of the tennis ball. You may simply be able to look at the outside of the tennis ball to see if it is dead. If the felt around the tennis ball is noticeably worn, this likely means the tennis ball is dead. If you can't read the manufacturer's name, it is a good time to purchase new tennis balls.
  3. Practice with the balls if you can't decide. Mix in new tennis balls with the others if you are having a difficult time deciding if your older tennis balls are dead. If you can't tell, you should be able to use them longer. Keep in mind that if they bounce normally, and their exteriors are in good condition (as contact with the racquet for spin is important), they should be fine to use. Otherwise, your tennis balls may be dead.
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