How To Tell If A Vasectomy Has Reversed Itself

Is it worthwhile to learn how to tell if a vasectomy has reversed itself? After all, the procedure is supposed to be permanent, safe and trouble free. To tell the truth, 1 out of every 4,000 vasectomies does reverse itself, and it is a good idea to know–ahead of time–what to look for. When trying to learn how to tell if a vasectomy has reversed itself, it is crucial to know what type of procedure you have had in the first place.

Supplies needed:

  • Commercially available sperm check kit

Continue to discover how to tell if a vasectomy has reversed itself:

  1. Evaluate the color and consistency of ejaculation. Learn how to tell if a vasectomy has reversed itself by keeping an eye on what you are ejaculating. Generally speaking, the fluid should be relatively clear and consist of seminal fluid only. Prior to the vasectomy, sperm is usually milky, denoting the presence of 3-5% sperm. If the ejaculation changes in appearance from predominantly clear to somewhat milky or takes on a yellowish tint, there is a good chance that sperm is once again added to the semen.
  2. Undergo a post-surgery recheck. The surgeon can check to make sure that the wounds healed properly and that no separated tissue has reconnected, which physicians refer to as “re-canalizations.”
  3. Buy and use a sperm check kit. This tool is usually of interest to infertile couples who want to allow the man to check his sperm levels in the privacy of a home. When used post-vasectomy, it helps a men discover if the expected 0% sperm count is actually higher that it should be. One kit in particular has received FDA approval and carries a failure rate of only four percent.
  4. Request a DNA test if you have seeming impregnated a woman. If your partner gets pregnant, ask for a DNA test to be done that establishes paternity. Assuming that she is true to her word, this is absolute positive proof that you are the statistical 1 in 4,000 that has had a reversed vasectomy.

Remember that only a physician can truly address any concerns you may have.

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