How To Tell If A Woman Is Infertile

How to tell if a woman is infertile has many telling signs. Along with psychiatric symptoms, there are problems within a woman’s body that may decrease her chance of getting pregnant. If you and your woman tried to have a baby and have had no successful results, read on to find if she is infertile.

  1. Irregular period. A woman with a normal period cycle hardly misses her due date every 28-35 days a month unless she has recently taken birth control pills or had unprotected sex that throws the cycle off balance. Menstruation that comes every few months is a sign that she is not ovulating properly, and this increases the chances of a woman being infertile. Another way finding out if a woman is infertile is the continuous change in her menstrual cycle; one month she is heavily bleeding and the next, the exact opposite occurs. Extremely heavy cramps can also cause infertility.
  2. Constant drinking. Excessive drinking causes infertility and most likely affects ovulation, giving it adverse effects that triggers infertility and results in the woman being unable to conceive. If your partner is trying to get pregnant, avoid drinking alcohol for three months before trying to conceive.
  3. Miscarriages. Although a miscarriage does not completely mean a woman is infertile, there can be other underlying issues for a miscarriage. However, if your woman experiences consecutive miscarriages with no success of a healthy pregnancy, chances are she is infertile.


Not all symptoms described above means a woman has zero chances of getting pregnant; however, it is best to visit a doctor for a checkup and medical exams to find any more factors relating to infertility.

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