How To Tell If You Broke Your Wrist

While a doctor is needed to determine if you have broken your wrist, you can learn how to tell if you broke your wrist by certain symptoms you may experience. Even with a symptom check list, if you suspect you broke your wrist seek medical treatment immediately. If you experience any of the symptoms listed below you may be able to tell if you broke your wrist.

  1. How to tell if you broke your wrist with a symptom check list. Obvious signs of a broken wrist are deformities or odd appearances to the area. Also, if a bone is protruding through the skin, chances are you have broken your wrist. Other symptoms to help you tell if you broke your wrist include severe pain, swelling, and tenderness. Bruising and stiffness are also likely to occur. Often, numbness and cold sensations can be experienced with a broken wrist.
  2. How to tell if you broke your wrist with a doctors assistance. If you suspect you may have broken your wrist, it’s vital you seek medical treatment. A doctor is the only person that can conclude with 100 percent certainty a bone is broken. In order to do this a doctor will perform a series of tests. Many of these tests include a physical exam, X-rays, and even a CT Scan. With the images acquired through the machines, a doctor can view the wrist and tell if a bone is broken.

Although it’s almost impossible to learn how to tell if you broke your wrist without the assistance of a doctor, it’s vital to seek treatment if you have any of the previously listed symptoms. Without immediate treatment, severe complications can occur. The area can heal improperly leading to loss of movement, infection, and deformity. Blood loss and other consequences of permanent damage can occur.


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