How To Tell If You Have An STD

Many people do not know how to tell if you have an STD. That is a scary prospect as it can lead to the spread of STD's. However, many STD's do not have symptoms, or, if they do, they can lie dormant in some people and not cause any discernable symptoms. It's important to take sexual health and STD's very seriously; if they are left untreated, they can cause long-term damage. Do yourself a favor and use protection every time that you have sex. If yoususpect that you have an STD, you should aAbstain from all sexual activity until you get the go-ahead from a physician.

  1. One way to tell if you have an STD is that you have pain when urinating. This pain is really uncomfortable and out of the ordinary. If it starts happening and becomes a regular thing, contact a doctor right away and get tested.
  2. If your genitals are sore and ache, you may have an STD. This is different from pain while urinating. The entire genital area will feel achy and hurt quite a bit.
  3. Another way to tell if you have an STD is that you have bumps or sores in your genital area. The bumps may or may not hurt. Sores will generally be quite painful. If you have either of these on your genitals, get tested right away.
  4. If you have prolonged unusual itching, you may have contracted an STD. While there are other reasons that you may suffer from itching in your genital area, if it doesn't go away after a day or two, you should be concerned that you have contracted an STD.
  5. Unusual discharge from the genitals is one way to know that you have an STD. The discharge may be yellow or green. 

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