How To Tell If Your Boss Is A Narcissist

Need to know how to tell if your boss is a narcissist? It’s not hard to tell if you’re boss is a narcissist. Narcissists are self-centered, demanding, self-aggrandizing, and present an attitude of entitlement. If you do not give your narcissistic boss the attention he deserves, he may become hostile, sulky, or verbally abusive. You can tell your boss is a narcissistic if he displays most of these qualities on a day-to-day basis.

  1. He focuses on himself, rather than the company. You can tell your boss is a narcissist if he focuses on his personal goals and ambitions rather than the advancement of his company and workers.  
  2. He always has to be right. To tell if your boss is a narcissist, observe how he responds to dissenting opinions. Most supervisors will be willing to listen to constructive criticism, but a narcissistic boss will take offense to any opinion that differs from his own.
  3. He lies and bends the rules. If your boss is a narcissist, he probably believes that the rules don’t apply to him. He may lie to you, your co-workers, and his supervisors to advance his own agenda and to evade responsibility for his actions.  
  4. He isn’t empathetic. Narcissists show little compassion for others. If your boss is a narcissist, he will show little understanding if you ask for a day off to take care of a sick family member or if you’re five minutes late for work due to a traffic jam.
  5. He acts paranoid. Paranoia is a common trait in narcissistic persons. Most likely, your boss is a narcissist if you catch him spying on his employees, making outlandish accusations, or accusing workers of trying to plot against him. 
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