How To Tell If Your Dog Is Sick

Your dog can't talk, so you need to learn about how to tell if your dog is sick. Your dog relies on you to take care or him. Because your dog can only communicate non-verbal signals, it is important that you recognize the signs of a sick dog. The following ways to tell if your dog is sick could help save your dog's life. Here are some tips to tell if your dog is sick. Just remember, these signs could also be due to a number of other factors unrelated to illness (such as weather change). But when in doubt it is best to check with your dog's veterinarian.

  1. Changes in your dog's eating patterns. If your dog normally devours his dinner and suddenly you have to force-feed him, this might mean that your dog is sick. Again, it is always important to check with your vet.
  2. Changes in your dog's sleeping habits. If your previously active dog starts sleeping all day, this is another sign that your dog could be sick. As your dog ages, he will tend to become less active. But if the sleeping changes are extreme or appear suddenly, you should call your veterinarian.
  3. Your dog's movement. If your dog is normally agile and this changes, it could be a sign of illness. Dogs who are sick or injured often brace themselves when they are getting up or lying down. Also, if your dog's gait changes when he is walking or running, this could be a sign of hip problems.
  4. Irritability. If your dog is usually docile and he unexpectedly starts growling, this could mean that your dog is sick. If a dog is injured or sick, they might not want you to come near them. Even the nicest dog might snap at you if you try and touch them when they are injured.
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