How To Tell If Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

If you think your ex girlfriend might interested in you again, then you need to know how to tell if your ex girlfriend wants you back. Just because a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean that both people wanted it to or are ready to move on. In some cases, you may find that your ex girlfriend wants you back. This can be great for you if you want the same thing, or maybe you need to know so you can let her down easily. Either way, you should use these five indicators to determine whether or not your ex girlfriend wants you back.

  1. She flirts with you, a lot. If she’s the flirty type it may be hard to determine, but women don’t flirt heavily with men they don’t want, especially if they just left a relationship, mainly so they don’t give the wrong impression. If you find that she flirts with you, and it’s out of character for her, then  your ex girlfriend probably wants you back.
  2. She talks about how much she misses you and your relationships. Even if you broke up on good terms, it is still strange for her to bring up the relationship and talk about missing it or you, if she does then your ex girlfriend probably wants you back.
  3. She dislikes new love interests in your life. She may genuinely dislike your new girlfriends, but if it seems extreme or she seems jealous, then your ex girlfriend wants you back. She may be a little jealous at first, but you know the limits and what’s too extreme.
  4. She still acts like your girlfriend. Your ex girlfriend probably wants you back If she still does the same exact things she did as your girlfriend; in her mind she may still be your girlfriend. Not in a creepy lunatic way, but in a “I still feel connected” way. If you two have broken up and nothings changed in terms of interaction, she most likely wants you back.
  5. She still wants intimacy. Intimacy is one of the biggest connectors in a relationship; it is one of the main things that can save a relationship. If your ex girlfriend wants to continue to be intimate, she wants you back. When someone is ready to move on, they don’t keep doing things that connect them to you. 
  6. Your ex girlfriend wants you back if she says she does. Some men think that women are just teasing when they say they want the relationship back. And some women will say they are, but she wouldn't play around like that unless she was serious.
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