How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Loves You

The secrets of how to tell if your girlfriend love you may not as hard to figure out as one might think. Does she or doesn't she? A very good question for a man that simply wishes he had the answers to life itself. With these signs a person can measure up the meaning behind a girlfriend's love, or friendship. Love is pure, love is kind. If it is love you hope to find then browse this list and you may see whether she does love or to set lust free. Remember, you must love yourself in order to love someone else.

  1. Patience. To be patient is key in any loving relationship. If your girlfriend is not patient it may not be love after all. Sometimes lust and obsession can be a sour taste to a sweet dish. However, patience means that a person is calm and collected in knowing that whatever shall be, shall be. If a girlfriend can do that for you she may be in sweet love.
  2. Body Language. A girlfriend's body language is important in figuring out whether or not she loves you. For instance, if she appears comfortable in respectfully touching you and has always adored holding you, there is a chance that she actually loves you.
  3. Sparks. Does she appear struck by lightning every time you look into her eyes as hers are filled with deep emotion? Does she light up every time you enter the room? Does she move mountains to sit next to you? Then believe it's not a mere crush – she may love you.
  4. Memory. She keeps a photo of you with her or the first note you wrote to her. She tends to always remember an upcoming event, as long as you are going. She will never forget that first kiss between the two of you. Yes, she is in love.
  5. Planning. If your girlfriend's future plans include you then she's not only smitten, she's in love. Especially when she mentions the "M" word – and we are not talking "mom".
  6. Prioritizes. She moves everything around on her date book and places you on the top of that list. It may not be healthy, but she "thinks" she's in love.
  7. Time Together. She wants to spend time with you.  She enjoys and looks so forward to it that she tells others, over and over again. Not that you shouldn't approve of the flattery – especially when you may love her too.
  8. Introductions. When she begins to introduce you to her mother, father, aunt, uncle and the rest of the family she could be in love. Love can be confirmed when a family mentions how she mentioned it to them. Let's not forget that she also wants to introduce you to every single friend she had since grade school.
  9. Forgiving. When a girlfriend is forgiving, of near most anything, on levels most would not forgive – there is that chance she loves you. Love forgives, in a healthy manner. That's why some guys do things on purpose just to get females angry, and vice-versa, simply to figure out if the other person loves them. But then again, there are those who are just plain mean.
  10. Trustworthy. Honest means everything!  And if she loves you, really and truly loves you, she will trust you. You are out with friends when the tire becomes flat. You walk half the night, fall into puddle of mud and end up spending the night at the closest friends house wishing you had never gone out. In the meanwhile, you forget to call her. The next morning comes and you appear absolutely filthy. That's when she will either claim you were with someone else, or that she believes you. But when she plows the demand of having an answer, after giving an answer, as to why you didn't call then shouts that you are a liar it's time to run like hell! She's not crazy in love, she's just crazy!
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