How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Serious

If you are in a relationship, then it is important to know how to tell if your girlfriend is serious. You need to know if she wants to take your relationship to the next level, or if she just using you to have a good time. To be honest, either situation is okay, as long as you know what to expect. You do not want to fall madly in love with someone who does not view you the same way. Nor, do you want to hurt her feelings if she is falling madly in love with you. The good news is that women give you signs; and, it is actually easier to tell if your girlfriend is serious than you may think.

  1. How does she introduce you to other people? This is the very first thing you want to examine when you are trying to decide whether your girlfriend is serious. Does she call you her boyfriend? Does she seem proud of you, and is she enthusiastic to show you off? If she enthusiastically calls you her boyfriend and tells everyone how great you are, then you can be certain that she is ready to take your relationship up a notch. A word of warning here: If she does not call you her boy friend, this does not necessarily mean that she is not serious. It just may mean that she does not want to scare you off. 
  2. How do the two of you spend your time together? Are you constantly doing activities with other people? Are you rarely alone, and always in crowds? If you and your girlfriend hardly spend any alone time together, then there is a good chance that things are not very serious.   
  3. Does she always want to spend her free time with you? It is okay for the two of you to spend some time apart. That is just a sign of a healthy relationship. Still, if it is like pulling teeth to get her to spend an afternoon with you, then she probably has her eyes set on other horizons. 
  4. What are her plans for the future? Answering this question honestly can clue you in on whether your girlfriend is serious. Does she see herself moving out of state or out of the country? Does she make plans about the future that do not include you? If she is making long-term plans that do not include you, then she probably is not too serious.
  5. Are you afraid to ask your girlfriend if she is serious? This can be the biggest clue. If you cannot come right out and ask her, mainly because you are afraid of rejection, then chances are your relationship is not going anywhere. On the other hand, if you are in doubt, there is nothing wrong with being straightforward and asking your girlfriend if she serious about your relationship.
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