How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Still Having Sex With Her Ex

Figuring out how to tell if your girlfriend is still having sex with her ex can be a task worth dealing with. Trust is a major part of any relationship. Without it, you will have many problems. Of course, you want to trust your girlfriend, but if you think she is still seeing her ex then she probably is. Make sure this is the girl for you, and take the doubt out of your head. You should be enjoying the relationship and should not have to worry about playing detective to your girlfriend.

  1. View body language around her ex. If your girlfriend has to be exposed to her ex, pay attention to body language. If they seem uncomfortable being in the same room then they are still sleeping together.
  2. Pay attention to your sex life. Has your girlfriend interest in sex decreased? Sometime that can be the case, when they feel guilty about sleeping with the ex. She will also give excuses as to why she cannot have sex because she may be comparing your sex life to sex with her ex.
  3. Does she carry condoms in her bag? Although safe sex is best, there is no reason for your girlfriend to carry them in her bag. If you are in a committed relationship, then usually the man has the condoms. If she is carrying condoms and is not using them with you, then she is probably still sleeping with her ex.
  4. Change in appearance when she goes out. If she is going the extra mile to look good when she goes out, that may not be a good sign. She should be wearing all her best outfits for you. In this case, she may be dressing up for her ex.
  5. Go with your gut feeling. This is usually the most important clue, to know if she is sleeping with her ex. You know your girlfriend well and you know her patterns and feelings. If you sense that she is still seeing her ex, then she probably is.
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