How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants To Have Sex

How to tell if your girlfriend wants to have sex varies with different women. Some are little shy about it and others might give hints. So, if you aren't sure where you exactly stand with your lady when it comes to sexual intimacy, find out if she wants to rip your clothes off or just wait little longer.

  1. Body language. If your girlfriend wants to have sex, let her body do the talking. If she sits too close to you, are touching your thighs and almost rubbing on your little man, she may want to do more than just kiss. Look into her eyes as well; you can get a certain vibe just by her look as to how much she wants sex with you.
  2. Kissing. There are different types of kissing: innocent and passionate ones. If she is kissing you passionately, including French kissing, and touching your arms, chest and placing her hand on your genitals, get ready for sex.
  3. Sexy clothing. Maybe your girlfriend also dresses sexy but lately, she is showing little more than usual. Her top might lower and her cleavage is visible. Sheh may be wearing short skirts and letting you know there no panties underneath. Whatever it is, your girl is showing signs that she wants sex and is probably hoping you cave in because of her sexy outfits.
  4. Romantic night. Your girlfriend set up flowers, candles, dinner and soft music for the two of you for the night. She might slip on sexy lingerie for you to go crazy over. This is a biggest sign that she has sex on her mind and wants it. After all, she didn't plan it all for nothing or for you to just to go to sleep after her romantic gestures.
  5. Just ask. If your girlfriend hasn't expressed any of the examples above and you have a hard time figuring it out, the simple thing is to ask if she wants sex. Expect her to give a yes or no answer or say it will happen soon. She is not a mind reader, so just be straightforward if she wants sex or not.
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