How To Tell If You’re An Alcoholic

Wondrering how to tell if you're an alcoholic? Since casual alcohol consumption can easily cross the line into addiction, it is important to know how to tell if you're an alcoholic or if your drinking is just recreational. Alcoholism affects over 17 million Americans and is not only harmful to your health but can harm others around you as well. Being able to tell if you're an alcoholic is a critical first step toward beating alcohol dependency.

  1. Are you developing an increasing need for alcohol? One way to tell if you're an alcoholic is to determine how much you've been drinking over a long period of time. If your budget for alcohol purchase and consumption has steadily increased, then you may have developed a high tolerance for alcohol. This is one potential sign of an addiction.

  2. Does alcohol affect your performance at work? Another way to tell if you're an alcoholic is if you find yourself repeatedly going to work late or worse, calling in sick because of hangovers. If you notice that you need a drink in order to concentrate and get your job done, this could be a major sign of alcohol dependency.

  3. Do you have a constant craving to drink? A good way to tell if you're an alcoholic is if you find that you feel a constant need to drink.

  4. Do you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms? The easiest way to tell if you're an alcoholic, is to cease drinking or cut down on your alcohol intake. If you begin to experience excessive sweating, nausea or anxiety as a result of cutting back, seek help immediately, as these are signs of alcohol withdrawal.


  • If you're starting to wonder if you've developed a dependency for alcohol, it's most likely a sign to cut back on your alcohol consumption, or to stop drinking altogether and seek counseling.

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