How To Tell If You’re Gay

Knowing how to tell if you're gay can save you from a lifetime of wondering and possible misery. The issue of being gay is something a looming thought for some men. Even in modern times, there is still sometimes a taboo associated with homosexual males. Many who think they might be are afraid of being rejected by friends, family and even the business world. Before exploring the question to its deepest depth, be sure you actually want to know the answer. If you are happy with your life and who you are, it is best to leave things as they are. If you can't stop thinking about, try this strategy for self-diagnosis.

  1. Begin with the beginning. On the quest to tell if you're gay, review your life. Think back to when you were very young. Ask yourself "who did I relate to?" Was it girls or boys?. What were your favorite toys? Did you wish you could go play with the girls? None of these things actually define that you are in fact gay, but they can give you perspective.
  2. Look at the things you do to fit in with society. Do you look at Playboy or other men's magazines because you want to, or because your male friends do? Do you flirt with women because you are interested in them, or because people expect you to have a girlfriend? In the search of how to tell if you're gay, this can be a point of "ah ha!" for many men.
  3. Check your fantasies. When sexually aroused, what do you fantasize about? When a man masturbates, he typically thinks about the things that turn him on sexually. Make a list of all the things you have thought about during your special alone time. Are men or manly objects and situations involved?
  4. Decide if you are attracted to men. The biggest part of how to tell if you're gay is to let go and honestly answer the question "am I sexually attracted to men?". Just liking to hang out with and be friends with men does not make you gay. Wanting them sexually does.
  5. Watch porn. A real help in how to tell if you're gay is to watch gay porn. Put your taboos to the side and click on a free Internet site featuring gay porn. Does it turn you on? Let your inhibitions go and be honest with yourself. No one ever needs to know what you watched. If you are turned off, you most likely are not gay.
  6. Consider the option of bisexuality. The last piece to tell if you're gay is considering that bisexuality is a possibility. It is possible to be attracted to men and woman both sexually.
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