How To Tell It’s Time To Retire

Need to know how to tell it’s time to retire? Take a survey and you will get a dozen different answers. No one, except the retiree, knows when it is actually the right time. However, many are not sure, even after they take the step. If you've been contemplating retirement since the first time you punched the clock, and every day thereafter, read on for a few more points to ponder.

Ask yourself the hard questions and look at your finances. Ask yourself why? More importantly-why now? Timing is everything, is this the right time? Is there ever a “perfect” time? Can you afford to retire? Americans are living longer, will you out live your money?

Are you in reasonably good health? If your health is declining, or your doctor has told you to slow down, now may be the time to retire and relax. If you’ve been given a clean bill of health, and you feel you have the energy of a 30-year-old, you may want to run the rat race a little longer. Also consider if your spouse is close to retiring? If so, will you may both be able to plan a life for yourselves, after retirement.

Is your company offering you an incentive to retire? This could sweeten the retirement pot, and add a very nice financial cushion for you to fall back on. Ask yourself if you have any real plans for life after retirement. This could be the opportunity you need to start making those plans. Will you travel the world, or head for the nearest fishing bank?

Ask yourself if you want to stay put or relocate after retirement. Are you headed for Arizona, or some other warm climate? Have you gone to visit a retirement village? The amenities and social structure may be just the environment needed for you to enjoy retirement. But, if you're not prepared to make such a move, retirement might not be the right option right now.

Discuss your retirement with your family. If you are close to your family, or they will play a vital part in your retirement, sit down and discuss the possibilities with them. Will you still work part-time after retirement? Corporate America knows the value of years of experience and wisdom, and often hires consultants or independent contractors to work with them. There are many telecommuting jobs available on a full-time or part-time basis, which allows you to pick your own schedule. But you have to know where you stand.

Will you be satisfied once you retire? Sure, you will enjoy not having to obey the alarm clock in the morning, but what will you do in the afternoon? Will retirement feel like a long awaited peace and quiet, or lonely isolation? Only you can answer these questions.

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