How To Tell The Right Size Of A Skateboard Truck

If you need to purchase some more trunks for your skateboard, then you need to know how to tell the right size of a skateboard trunk. Skateboard trunks effect the turn of the wheels and helps maintain the overall balance of the skateboard. They play an important roll in distributing weight evenly along the board. Riding your skateboard over long period of time will cause for your trunks to wear down, and eventually you will need to purchase new skateboard trunks. It is quite simple to be able to tell the right size of a skateboard trunk.

To tell the right size of a skateboard trunk you need:

  • skateboard
  • tape measure
  • trunk-sizing chart
  1. Locate the skateboard trunk. Lay your skateboard upside down on flat surface. Flip the skateboard so that the wheels are facing upwards.  This makes it easy to be able to locate and access the skateboard trunks.
  2. Measure the width of your skateboard. Use a measuring tape to determine the appropriate trunk width. The width of the skateboard determines the width of your skateboard trunk. Feel free to add or subtract and inch from your skateboard measurement for the width of the trunk, but nothing more. It just depends on your preference for your new trunks.
  3. Choose your trunk height for performing tricks. Determine your trunk height based upon what type of skateboard riding you will be doing. If you will be performing a lot of tricks, low skateboard trunks work best.  Low trunks are suited for wheels with a 50 to 55 mm diameter.
  4. Choose your trunk height for general riding. If you will just be riding for recreational purposes, choose a trunk height within three inches off of the ground. Choose a little higher skateboard trunk height if you will be riding faster often, such as downhill. Higher trunks are suited for wheels 56 mm or larger.
  5. Determine your overall trunk size. Refer to the trunk-sizing chart because it compares your riding style with your trunks width. Using the trunk-sizing chart is the best way to determine and to select the best skateboarding trunks for your board.
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