How To Tell What Generation Your Ipod Touch Is

Without knowing what specific product features to look for, it can be tough to figure out how to tell what generation your iPod Touch is.  In this case, one of Apple's strongest traits—design—is actually something of an annoyance. In the four years and four different generations since its introduction, the looks of the device have changed very, very minimally. In fact, it would take a pretty keen eye to tell the latest iPod Touch generation from the first with any quickness. Using these guidelines, however, you’ll be able to find out the generation of your iPod Touch in a snap. 

What You’ll Need:


  • An iPod Touch
  • A Keen Eye
  • The Following Information
  1. Telling a first generation. The main noticeable difference between the first generation iPod Touch and its successors is the black antenna on the back. Whereas later models have one that’s oval shaped, the original iPod Touch has a rectangular shaped one. Additionally, the back of the first generation iPod Touch is flat. Therefore, when set on a table, it won’t rock back and forth when touched like other models tend to do.
  2. The second generation. The second generation iPod Touch was the first model to have a so-called “contoured” design. In non-technical terms, this just means that the back is curved instead of flat. As mentioned before, the black antenna on its back side is oval shaped.
  3. The third generation. In terms of design, the third generation iPod Touch is almost indistinguishable from the second generation. It has the same curved back, oval antenna shape, and even display features. This, however, is where you can set yourself apart as a true iPod identification pro. To distinguish a third generation iPod from a second generation, put your glasses on and check out the small print on the back. After the phrase “Assembled in China”, you will see a model number. Herein lies the difference. Second generation iPod touches all have the same model number: A1288. Third generation devices, meanwhile have a model number of “A1318”. Though it might seem impossible to tell the two apart at first glance, this method is both easy and totally foolproof.
  4. The fourth generation. The latest iPod Touch model is by far the easiest to differentiate from earlier generations. In fact, you won’t even need to turn the device over to know what generation it is. Simply look just above the screen at the black bezel. If you see a small pinhole in it (the fourth generation iPod’s camera), you’ll immediately know that it’s Apple’s latest and greatest iPod incarnation. 
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