How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over

Have you ever wondered how to tell when a relationship is over? If you're not keen on the obvious signs, you might be curious to find out if your relationship is on its last leg. On the other hand, if you're the one doing these behaviors, stop and take a deep breath. It's time to call it quits.

  1. The telephone is silent. One way to tell when a relationship is over is a quiet telephone. She doesn't return phone calls and maybe this girl who once loved to chit chat is now throwing silence your direction. This is a big hint, whether you've been dating for a long time or are new to the relationship.
  2. Faraway and dreamy syndrome. Stuck wondering when a relationship is over? If she doesn't focus on you and if you're not the center of attention, it's time to look deeper into what is really going on. You're realizing that during dinner she's faraway and dreamy, her attention captured by something else. 
  3. Avoidance. She says nothing is wrong when you ask, this is may be another way to tell that the relationship is over. Avoidance of communication means she isn't willing to put effort into you for your relationship anymore. Sure, you can push for an answer, but if this pattern prevails, it's time to move on to greener pastures.
  4. She doesn't have time. Whether you live together or apart, one way to tell if a relationship is over is how much time you spend together. If she doesn't want to be with you or makes excuses that other things take precedence, you can be 99% certain the spark is gone.
  5. The bags are packed. This is the final way to tell when a relationship is over. When you find packed bags and a returned key, you know it's time to say a final goodbye. Whether it's a surprise (maybe you didn't see the signs because you didn't want to) or you saw the train coming from far away, let your girl go. If she's made other arrangements, it's best to let the chips fall naturally.
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