How to Tell When She’s Ready for Sex

As women can give off mixed signals, it can be hard for men to now how to tell when she's ready for sex. It's extremely important to pay attention to clues that she's either interested in having sex or not interested. You never want to violate the boundaries of a woman.  Also, it will be a more satisfying sexual experience for you if she's excited and interested in it.

  1. One way to tell when she's ready for sex is that she will kiss you very deeply while pressing herself against you. This usually happens during a make out session. If she's using a lot of tongue and pressing her breasts against you, she may be ready to go!
  2. She puts her hands down your pants. If you want to know how to tell when she's ready for sex, this is a very good hint! Generally speaking, a girl doesn't go down this road unless she's very turned on and ready to get naked.
  3. She asks if you have been tested for STD's and HIV. This is how to tell when she's truly ready for sex. She's assessing the situation and making sure that it's safe to proceed.
  4. She wants to know if you're in an exclusive relationship. Many women feel pretty strongly that they want to be in an exclusive relationship before they have sex. If she wants to be sure, you will know that she's ready for sex.
  5. There are condoms nearby. If you see that she has condoms in her bedroom, there is probably a reason why. Also, the same thing applies to lube.



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