How To Tell Your Parents You’re Bi

Maybe you just realized you are bisexual and you don't know how to tell your parents you're bi. Don't worry, many people are nervous about letting their parents know this aspect of their lives because they don't know how their parents will react. In reality, being bisexual is not something that is completely unheard of in this day and age and most mature adults may be surprised at first, but they won't disown you like many people assume their parents will. Here are some tips to keep in mind when telling your parents and loved ones your newly realized sexual preference. 

  1. Keep it casual. If you make a big deal about telling your parents that you are bisexual, they will react in a big way. Do everything you can to keep the news as casual as possible. Keep the conversation casual by having it over dinner or coffee rather than telling them you need to talk to them while taking them out to dinner for instance. 
  2. Be honest. Tell your parents the truth. Do not beat around the bush about your bisexuality, just let them know. If they ask about your sexual preference, tell them you don't only date one gender or the other, if you are to fall in love with someone, it is going to be who they are inside, no matter what gender they are. 
  3. The sooner, the better. Telling your parents about your bisexuality sooner is better than telling them later. If you know what you are feeling, it is better to tell them before you end up in a serious relationship with someone of the same gender, introducing your partner to your parents and give them a heart attack from everything happening so fast. 
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