How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay

So, you want to know how to tell your parents you're gay. For any man, coming out can be a scary thing. It is a very big step that may require some guidance and knowledge of what to do. If you are unsure of how to come out to your parents, this article can be of great use to you.

  1. Find the right time to tell your parents that you’re gay. You may want to throw out the idea of telling your parents at a family gathering or social event. It can be an awkward moment for your parents, anyone who may be around, and yourself. If one or both of your parents makes a fuss over it, they are likely to raise their voices and cause a scene. When coming out to your parents, wait until the right time and make sure the three of you are assured some privacy.
  2. Pick the right place to come out. Find or create a relaxing atmosphere to bring your parents to to tell them when you decide to tell them that you’re gay. If you have a therapist, ask him or her if you can invite your parents to one of your sessions and if it would be okay if you came out during that session. It can be quite helpful for both you and your parents. The therapist can guide you in coming out while helping out your parents at the same time.
  3. Think about bringing someone along to support you. If you have already told a trustworthy friend or family member that you are gay, ask him or her to be there to support you while you tell your parents. A true friend or loving family member will always love and stand by you through the hard times. Having someone there to support you while you come out to your parents can make it much easier on you.
  4. Finally, it is time to tell your parents that you’re gay. Once you have found the right place and have some support, sit down with your parents and let them know that you’re gay. Be polite when doing so. Remember that what you are about to say may come as a big shock to your parents.
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