How To Tell Your Wife You Want A Divorce

There are many ways to start very important discussions with your wife, but if you want to know how to tell your wife you want a divorce, these following strategies can be very helpful.  

  1. For starters, you could pack up all of your clothes and things while she is working and text her that you are leaving.
  2. Write your wife a letter expressing your feelings and actions.
  3. There is the always popular disappearing daddy trick. 
  4. And the least popular is to get caught by your wife making love in your bed with another woman.
  5. Keep it real! Sit down and have an adult conversation, tell your wife that you will always love her as a person, but you are just not in love with her anymore. This is the reason why you have not been the best husband you could be, and it is not fair to her if you keep pretending that there is something there.
  6. Please avoid the yelling and screaming, as well as the pointing of fingers, because that is the recipe for disaster and a nasty divorce.

Now I personally do not recommend any of what you just read, because these techniques may result in death or, at the very least, someone getting severely wounded emotionally or physically. I do, however, recommend the following:

  1. Please don't tell her it is because of another woman even if there is. Keep that information to yourself, especially if there are kids involved. Remember nobody likes a cheater.
  2. In the event the situation is a little more serious, like you catching her with another man, then all bets are off! Get the most expensive lawyer you could afford and go for everything you can get your hands on. Tell her exactly how you feel and why. She cheats and gets all the benefits, screw that! Fight her in court with the gloves off, but keep in mind that what was just said works both ways.

Gentleman, always remember the rule, you cannot turn a whore into a housewife, but how soon some of us forget. If you are over 45 and she is under 25, do not kid yourself; yeah, it was for the money. Men know better than to play with matches but yet, some like it hot. But seriously, divorce is ugly regardless of age and can be life changing for both people involved. You only get one life to live so enjoy it with someone you could truly love.

And on that note, I leave you with this. A phrase that has been passed on from man to man for decades to prevent insanity. It is cheaper to keep her!

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