How To Temporarily Shrink Jeans

Whether you've gained a bit of weight or you've just eaten a lot in one day, sometimes you want to know how to temporarily shrink jeans. Fortunately, jeans are made of denim, which is mostly a cotton product. Clothing made of cotton is known for its ability to shrink when subjected to heat and moisture. It's also know for its ability to stretch back out, thank goodness.

To temporarily shrink your jeans, you'll need:

  • Washing machine with a hot water setting
  • Clothes dryer with multiple heat settings
  1. If you want to temporarily shrink your jeans, wash them in hot water. You can do this by hand or with a washing machine. As long as the water is hot, it doesn't matter.
  2. Once your jeans have been washing in hot water, immediately remove them and put them in the dryer. All dryers vary a little on settings and timers, but they are basically the same. They tend to all have a heat drying option and a cool drying option (tumble dry low). For example, an Amana heavy duty dryer has six cycles of drying to choose from. On the dial, there are indicators which state "more dry" and "less dry." Your dryer may not say that exactly, but there will be some sort of indicator. 
  3. Once you have figured this out, go ahead and choose whichever selection that will heat your jeans the most so you can temporarily shrink them. Once you identify that selection, place the time on the maximum amount time. Some dryers have actual minute times so you can choose between 40 minutes, 60 minutes or 80 minutes. Other dryers just have a dial. Whichever you have, put your jeans in the dryer for as long as you can. 
  4. After the drying cycle has finished, pull them out to see if you've managed to temporarily shrink your jeans. If not, put them back in for another cycle and repeat as necessary. Soon you should have jeans that actually fit more snug than before.
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