How To Tennis Kick Serve

Learning how to tennis kick serve may take a little time. If you are willing to put in the work on the practice courts to perfect your tennis kick serve. You will be able to use it as a weapon on the tennis court in no time.

  1. Understanding the ball toss. Very few tennis players can hit any serve with the same ball toss. Even professional tennis players struggle with disguising their ball toss. If you want to hit the tennis kick serve. You will need to change the ball toss. The best ball toss for kicking the serve is throwing the ball slightly behind your head. Your ball toss should be parallel to the baseline.
  2. Practice makes perfect. A kick serve in tennis is one of the hardest serve to master. Serena Williams, the number one female tennis player in the world has what is considered to be the best first and second serve in female tennis. Serena Williams does not double fault very often. This is because she has mastered the kick serve. Essential, a kick serve is a topspin serve. That means, the serve has more room to clear the net. Get down on your knees to practice this serve. The best way to practice this serve is to get on your knees and practice hitting up at the back of the ball to get it over the net. Remember to keep your ball toss behind you and parallel to the baseline.
  3. Know where to hit the ball. If you want to hit the tennis kick serve, think of a tennis ball like a basic clock. When you strike the tennis ball, you will need to brush up on the back of the tennis ball. Brush up on the back of the tennis ball from 6 to 12 o'clock. If you keep practicing your kick tennis serve you will see less double faults in no time.
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