How To Test An ATV CDI

Need to know how to test an ATV CDI? You may need to test your ATV CDI to see if it is the source of a problem with your ATV, or just to see if it still working properly. While there is no accurate way to bench test an ATV CDI, there is a way to test them. Here, we're going to tell you how to do this.

To test an ATV CDI, you will need:

  • An ATV
  • A CDI
  • A spare (working) CDI
  1. Find a spare, working, CDI. You'll need a spare CDI for comparison and to be used as a reference. Try to find somebody, like a friend, who has a spare and working ATV CDI. Once you have found somebody with a spare CDI, ask to borrow theirs so you can test yours. If you cannot find anybody with a spare CDI, you can go to a dealer and ask them to swap CDIs for testing.
  2. Swap CDIs. If you already know how, that's good. You'll need to remove your original CDI from your ATV. To do this, pull the CDI unit out of your ATV so that it is only connected by the cable. Now, pull out the cable that is connected to the CDI from the ATV. Move your unplugged CDI out of the way. Install the spare CDI into your ATV. Take your working CDI and plug its cable into the input on the ATV. Since you'll be using it for testing, there's not need to put it into place on the ATV.
  3. Test the CDIs. Once the spare CDI has been installed, jump start your ATV. Check to see if there are any sparks. Do the same with your original CDI. Take out the working CDI and put the original CDI back in. Jump start the ATV and check for sparks. If there are sparks for both CDIs, than both CDIs are working perfectly. If there weren't any sparks for the original CDI, than the CDI is not working.



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