How To Test A Car Radio

Want to learn how to test a car radio? Need some tips on how to test, to make sure that car radio you want to buy works? No problem the steps below will guide you in the right direction, when it comes to testing a car radio properly.

        Things you will need:

  • Power supply
  • Paper clip
  • small speaker
  • Red and black audio wire
  • Wire stripper


  1. Use a power supply unit to test your car radio.  On the back of the radio should be a harness that houses power, ground and speaker wires. First take the yellow and red power wires and twist them together by their metal exposed tips. If the metal is not exposed then you will need to strip the ends of each wire to expose them. You will do this with wire strippers you buy from an audio sound shop. Next connect red or positive audio wire from the power supply to the twisted together red and yellow wire from the harness on the radio. Now connect black or negative audio wire from the power supply to the black ground wire on the back of the car radio. You can now flip the switch on the power supply. The car radio should power up once you press the power button on its terminal.
  2. Test using speakers. You should see at least two pair of speaker wire on the harness of the car radio. Any pair can be used to hear sound, so let's say you choose the green pair. One of those green wires will have a white or black stripe on it to indicate that it is a negative wire. The other one will be the positive wire. Connect a positive wire and negative audio wire to the corresponding wires then attach those wires to an available speaker. Turn the volume up on the car radio and see if you hear sound , if you don't then the car radio is probably missing an antenna. This is very easy to solve, just bend straight a paper clip and put in the area where the antenna was suppose to be. You're radio should test perfectly and you should hear great sound. Note: If you still have problems then take your radio to a car audio professional to get it checked out. 
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