How To Test Radiator Fan On A Ninja 250

Know how to test the radiator fan on a Ninja 250 to avoid costly repairs. Radiator fans are an extremely important part for the construction of a Ninja 250 motorcycles. They ensure a regulated airflow to the radiator of the Ninja 250 motorcycle and help keep the engine cool at all times. However, radiator fans are often prone to damage and need to be checked and replaced regularly, if required.  

Things You'll Need to Test Radiator Fan On A Ninja 250:

  • A kit with standard tools
  • Moist, clean cloth rag
  • Steel wool
  1. Park your Ninja 250 motorcycle on a flat, easy to work area. Stand it on the center stand so it is easier to inspect and work on, less likely to move and fall.
  2. Remove radiator shroud cover of the Ninja 250 motorcycle using a Phillips screwdriver. In most models of the Ninja 250, the shroud covers are usually secured using only three bolts.
  3. Inspect the electrical connections going to the lower edge of the Ninja 250 radiator fan. Check for things such as corroding, bubbling, and solder gapping.
  4. Using steel wool, scrape off any contaminants, oxidation or any other type of corrosion on electrical part of the Ninja 250 radiator fan. Take off all bolted connections, if required, so you are able to access all the surfaces that may be corroded or dirty.
  5. Using a clean, moist cotton cloth clean off each blade of the Ninja 250 radiator fan.
  6. Start and accelerate the Ninja 250. Check the functioning of the radiator fan and make sure it is running evenly and smoothly.
  7. Put the shroud covers and bolt them back into their place on the Ninja 250 body.
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