How To Test Speakers

Need to know how to test speakers? We will tell you how to do just that. We're going to tell you how to test computer speakers and stereo system speakers. Overall, the process is not too difficult and can be done within a matter of minutes.

  1. Determine whether you have computer speakers or stereo system speakers. Usually, computer speakers only have one input to plug into the computer. Stereo system speakers will have multiple inputs to plug into the stereo system.
  2. Plug in the speakers. Computer speakers need to be plugged into a light green jack. Stereo system speaker inputs are usually color coded. Plug the inputs into the stereo system audio jacks, matching the colors.
  3. Test the speakers. On a Windows computer, you can test your speakers by going to Windows' sound settings. You can do this by clicking the on the start button, then click on Control Panel. Then click on Sound or Audio or some other variant. Now, in the playback tab, double click on Speakers. Then, go to the Advanced tab. Now, there should be a button with a green arrow with the word "Test" to the right of the arrow. Click on the "Test" button. Now, a sound, or chime, will be played twice. If you hear the sound twice, then your speakers are working fine. If you hear it once or if you don't hear any sounds, then your speakers have a problem. For stereo system speakers, play some music on the stereo system. If you can hear the music through all the speakers, then they are working fine. If you don't hear it through all speakers or if you don't hear it at all, then your stereo system speakers have a problem.



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