How to Test For an STD

If you are sexually active it's important to know how to test for an STD. STD tests are done in a doctor's office or clinic, and you will have to ask your doctor or provider to do specific tests, as STD testing is not usually included in a routine medical check-up. STDs can be transferred in saliva, mucous secretions, blood, and semen. If you have oral, anal or vaginal contact without a latex barrier (condom) you are at risk for STDs.
  1. Make an appointment with your general physician or at any local clinic that offers full testing services. When you make the appointment you should inform them that you need STD testing.  A full series of STD tests will include urine and blood tests, and possibly a pelvic exam for women. If you have symptoms such as burning, itching, or any open sores on your genitals the doctor may examine the area for obvious signs of bacterial or viral infections, but they can only be sure there is an STD if they test your blood and urine for infections.
  2. The results for STD tests are usually returned within three days. Most clinics and doctor's offices will call you in to the office for the results of your STD tests because they will want to review the results with you and discuss any medical treatments if there is a positive result.  
  3. Remember, STD's often do not cause symptoms, so you can have a bacterial or viral STD and you might not feel sick. The best way to be sure is to test for STDs on a yearly basis, or prior to being sexually active with a new partner. This will require a visit to the doctor or clinic for a full STD testing.



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