How To Test For Steroids

Learn about how to test for steroids and be equipped to know whether someone is using steroids to gain an advantage in sports. Steroids occur naturally in the human body. These steroids are called corticosteroids and glucocorticoids. These are produced in the human brain. They provide important functions for the human body, such as balancing glucose and regulating electrolytes, and in males, the steroid testosterone produces the deep voice and muscles particular to males.

There are also artificial or synthetic steroids called anabolic steroids that can be ingested. Anabolic steroids affect the testosterone levels in males. Since the testosterone is affected, so is the steroid user's muscle mass. These types of steroids are the ones that some athletes use to gain an advantage in their sport. The way anabolic steroids work is to increase how athletes develop muscles. When athletes use synthetic steroids, they are at an advantage in that their muscle mass is usually greater than other athletes, giving them an advantage in sports.

To test for steroids, you will need:

  • Urine sample
  • Hair sample
  • Test kit
  • Testing site
  1. Get a urine sample. One way to test for anabolic steroids is to use a urine sample. A sample of at least 15 milliliters of urine is needed to test for anabolic steroids. The recommended sample is 30 milliliters.
  2. Get a hair sample. Another way to test for anabolic steroids is to obtain a hair sample. The hair should be pulled from the head to include the hair's bulb portion with skin attached.
  3. Get a test kit. You can buy a steroid test kit in person at a drug store or from online retailers. The urine or hair sample is obtained, then the test kit is shipped to the testing center for steroid testing. Directions should be followed carefully to ensure accuracy of the steroid testing.
  4. Go to a steroid testing site. Find a local steroid testing site and submit a sample in person. This option is used for professional athletes to ensure the sample was given in person by the person who is being tested for steroid use.
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