How To Test For Testicular Cancer

If you are between the ages of 15 and 40 and a man, you should know how to test for testicular cancer at least once a month. This is a test that you can perform yourself at home. The only reason why you should need further testing at the office of a medical professional is if something turns up that makes you feel uncomfortable or if you experience common testicular cancer symptoms, such as swollen scrotum or persistent pain in the testes.

  1. Know your testicles. Prior to any test for testicular cancer, you should be familiar with any idiosyncrasies down there. Some guys have one testicle larger than the other or an unusually large scrotum. That’s okay, it’s how you were born – it is not an indication of testicular cancer.
  2. Take a hot bath. Warm water is an essential element in any test for testicular cancer, because it relaxes your scrotal muscles. It also relaxes the rest of your body, in case you feel tense about giving yourself a test for testicular cancer.
  3. Mount your legs. The next step in your test for testicular cancer is to put your legs up on the sides of the bathtub, giving yourself free and easy access to your testicles. Make sure that it is a dry surface so that your feet don’t slip off and cause unwanted injuries.
  4. Feel each testicle. This is the final step in the test for testicular cancer. While holding your scrotal sac back, gently roll each testicle between the thumb and index finger, feeling for any bumps or irregularities. If you come across any, you should make an appointment to see your doctor immediately.
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