How To Text And Send Photos On 3G IPhone

If you recently purchased an iPhone, you may want to learn how to text and send photos on a 3G iPhone. This is useful so you can stay in touch with your friends and share pictures you have taken. It takes little time to send texts and photos on the iPhone 3G. But you only need to know where to look to get started.

To send text messages on an iPhone 3G:

  1. Open the text messages application. Tap the "Messages" icon to view and send text messages on your iPhone 3G.
  2. Create a text message. Tap the "Write" icon located in the top right corner of the screen. The "New Message" window should open.
  3. Enter the recipient of the text message. Tap the space next to "To:" to enter the phone number of the person you want to send a text to. You can also type the name of a contact and select the contact from the drop-down list. 
  4. Type a message. Tap the form next to "Send" and type out a text message.
  5. Send the text message. Tap the blue "Send" button to send the text. You are officially texting!

To send photos on the iPhone 3G"

  1. Open your photo library. Tap the "Photos" icon to view your photo library. 
  2. Select a picture. Tap the thumbnail of the picture you want to send on your iPhone. 
  3. Open the photo options. Tap the arrow icon in the bottom, left corner of the screen to view photo options. You can assign a picture as wallpaper here or you can send the picture to a contact.
  4. Select a sending option.  By owning an iPhone 3G, you have two options for sending a picture. You can send a picture by email or through a multimedia text message. Choose one of these options.
  5. Enter the recipient's information. If you chose to send the picture by email, enter the email address in the form next to "To."  If you chose to send the photo by text message, enter the recipient's phone number in the form next to "To."
  6. Send the photo. Tap the blue "Send" button to send the picture by email or text message. Wasn't that easy?



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