How To Text On Nokia Phones

You just purchased a Nokia phone with the unlimited text plan and want to know, "How To Text On Nokia Phones?" Texting has become so popular, for a lot of people it has replaced phone calls. Texting is a way to send quick message without having to talk on the phone. Most people prefer to text because is cuts out time of having a long lengthy conversation. It is an easy way to get straight to the point of what you have to say. Texting can be quiet simple and fun. Once you learn how to text on Nokia phones you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of texting.

To text on Nokia phones you will need:

  • Nokia phone
  • strong fingers
  • patience
  1. Sending a text. On Nokia phones at the main screen press the Menu key. Select the Messaging key, then select Create Message. Your phone will either go straight to the Messaging screen or you may have to select Text Message. The Messaging screen will now pop up for you to type your message. Use your keyboard to type out the message that you want to send. Once your message is complete, click on the box to enter the Recipient's name and then select you contacts options to select the contact who you want to send the message to. When you are completely done with the message and the recipients name has been entered, press the Send button to send the message on your Nokia phone.
  2. Receiving and opening a text. When you receive a text message on your Nokia phones a message indicator will appear at the top of your screen. To view this message, select the Messaging key. The messaging Inbox will show a number with how many text massages you have received. Select the Inbox key and then select the message that you want to read. When you are done reading your message you can press the Reply button to respond to the text message.  Once you finish typing the text message press Send key. If you do not want to reply to the text message on your Nokia phone, simply press the end key on your phone to exit out of your message. Your received messages will then be stored in your Inbox until you delete them.
  3. Deleting a text. In the main menu select the Messaging key. In the messaging Inbox click on Options then select the Mark/unmark key. Click the main navigation key to select Mark on all the messages that you want to delete (if you want to delete all messages you can select Mark all). You will see the Inbox with all the messages marked with a check. Click on Options again and select Delete. You will be prompted whether you want to delete the messages that you selected. Select yes to delete your messages from your Nokia phone, and your inbox will be cleared of those messages.
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