How To Texture A Ceiling

Have you ever wanted to know how to texture a ceiling. Texturing a ceiling is surprisingly easy to do and does not require any carpentry skills. It may not seem necessary to texture the ceiling in your home, but it is an important step to give a room a polished look.

Before you get started texturing your ceiling, you will need:

  • Dry wall compound
  • Stomp brush
  • Drop cloths
  • Large metal trowel
  • Safety goggles
  • Broom or vacuum cleaner and attachment
  1. Texturing a ceiling is a messy job. Remove everything you can from the room you will be working in. If you cannot move something out of the room, cover it completely with a drop cloth. It is also necessary to protect the floors in the room, especially carpet.
  2. Prepare the ceiling. If the ceiling is already textured, remove as much of this as you can by scraping the ceiling with the metal trowel. You want to achieve as smooth of a surface as possible. If there are any cracks in the ceiling, fill these with the joint compound. After the joint compound dries completely, clean any dust from the ceiling with a broom or vacuum cleaner and attachment.
  3. Mix the joint compound. If you are using joint compound mix, prepare it according to the directions on the package, making sure to leave it a little thin. If you are using pre-mixed joint compound, add a little bit of water to thin it out some.
  4. Apply the joint compound to the ceiling. You can choose to apply the joint compound with the towel by spreading a thin layer on the ceiling or using a roller to roll it on. Work on a small area at a time. To create the texture, gently press a stomp brush into the wet joint compound. Repeat until you have achieved the look you want.
  5. Paint the ceiling. When the joint compound dries completely, paint the ceiling to complete the look.
  6. Clean up. The last step in the process is to clean up the mess. Remove the drop cloths, vacuum and wipe up any paint drips. Now you can move the furniture back into the room.

That is really all there is to creating a beautiful texture on a ceiling. When removing the old texture from the ceiling, wear safety goggles and a dust mask to prevent the particles from getting into your eyes and to keep you from breathing in all of the dust. If you would like to practice the technique, you can use a piece of plywood to get the feel of the stomp brush and try out a few different looks. 



Ceiling texturing

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