How To Thin Body Hair With Natural Remedies

Learn about how to thin body hair with natural remedies and you'll never again have to worry about having embarrassingly thick hair or hair in places it shouldn't be. Most people remove or thin hair through the use of lasers or waxing. However, there are some natural remedies to this problem that are either cheaper or less painful than these more commonly used options.

  1. Thin body hair with natural remedies by using a lemon juice and honey mixture. Simply mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with eight  tablespoons of honey and apply to the area in which you want to thin the hair. Rub the mixture on in the same direction as hair growth. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat the process once or twice a week. This process should result in less hair growth and finer hair within several weeks of starting.
  2. Thin body hair with natural remedies with an ingredient from your kitchen. Tumeric, a spice commonly used in cooking, can be used as an easy and effective way to thin hair with natural remedies. Create a paste by mixing a half cup tumeric with milk. Spread the paste on the unwanted hair and allow it to dry. Then scrub the area well. Repeat twice a week or as needed for new growth. Within several weeks, the hair will thin, new growth will lessen and the growth that does occur will be finer and softer.
  3. Use your time in the shower to thin body hair with natural remedies. Simply use soap and a cosmetic pumice stone to scrub the the area with undesired hair growth. Don't irritate the skin by rubbing too vigorously or for too long. Over time, this will naturally thin hair and reduce new growth.
  4. Get out your tweezers to thin body hair with natural remedies. While not painless, this process is indeed natural. Most people prefer other, less painful methods of hair thinning and removal, but in a pinch, tweezers can be just what's needed. If you decide to thin body hair using tweezers, icing the area first may reduce the pain. Always tweeze only one hair at a time, pulling in the direction of hair growth.
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