How To Thin Hair With Razor

If you don't want to pay salon prices, learn how to thin hair with a razor. Haircuts can’t always be done in salons. There are many circumstances that require you to cut your own hair; price, thrill, whatever. One of the easiest things to do at home, besides cutting your own bangs, is thinning certain parts of your hair with a razor.

What you'll need:

  • A razor (either a non-electric shaving or a straight hair razor)
  • A towel
  • A mirror
  1. Head into wherever your mirror is and lay your towel down on a sink or on the floor. Think ahead of time what parts of your hair you want to thin and add layers to. Your bangs? Your tips? The back or sides of your hair? It’s not a good idea to just start hacking away without knowing at least an idea of what you want to go for.
  2. Start out small. Hold the tips of whichever chunk of hair you want to cut up in the air and straightened out. To thin the hair, run the razor towards the end of the chunk of hair in short choppy bursts, then allow the hair to fall back down. You will notice the creation of different lengths of hair after you do this for awhile.
  3. It’s a slow process, but rushing it could result in disaster. Just take individual chunks of hair and cut them one at a time. Tackling the under layers will result in the most thinning, as these are the layers that give your hair its poof, its volume.

Hair with too much volume can be a pain. Thinning it out can make it more manageable and enhance appearance. A subtle thinning job can be done easily at home, and in a short amount of time.

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