How To Thread Flare

Learning how to thread flare takes a hell of a lot of coordination and timing. As far as flares go, the majority of the thread flare maneuver is a lot less physically taxing. There's no real lifting and balancing during a thread flare. The majority of the focus in a thread flare is the motion you pull off with your legs while the majority of your body is making contact with the ground. Don't take this as a sign of easiness on the part of the thread flare, because what it lacks in physicality, it makes up in timing and intricacy. Ok, let's do this. 

  1. Starting position. To start the thread flare, get into a loose version of the push up position. You don't even need to extend your legs all of the way because you'll soon be moving them rather rapidly. Oh, and make sure you've stretched.
  2. Your legs. The first step is to kick one of your legs towards the opposite side of your torso. For example, if you choose your right leg, you'll bring it up towards your left side.
  3. Your Arms. While you're bringing your right leg to the left side, simultaneously lift the left side of your torso and your left arm back over your left shoulder. You'll know if you did it right because you'll be holding yourself up on your two arms with your butt facing the floor and your two legs in front of you. Your right leg should be sitting up on your right foot with your foot planted on the ground in an "L" shape.
  4. The complicated part. Know you have to bring your left leg through the "L" shape of the right leg. At the same time, you'll be spinning the right side of your torso to the left so that you turn over and end up back in the push up position again. Then, it's a matter of repeating the action.
  5. Extra stuff. The coolest part about the thread flare is the dancer's ability to vary the movements to add their own, well, flare. Take for instance, when you're in the position with both your legs forward and your butt facing the ground. When one of your legs is in the "L" shape, you can do multiple "threading" of the legs by continually bringing your off leg through the "L" shape before you spin back over. You can also fake a spin to one side and flip back over the other way. Then you can alternate which leg has the "L" shape and which leg gets "threaded." Once again, it's all about your creativity and your ability to quickly thread your legs.
  6. Practice. Thread flares only look cool when you can pull them off quickly. Practice will help you with the speed. As always, you need to practice transitioning in and out of the thread flare as well so you can link the thread flare to other cool maneuvers. The good news is that the thread flare is easier to do than most other flares, because you don't have to focus too much balance and strength on your upper body.
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