How To Throw A Baseball Correctly

If you love playing baseball, you may want to learn how to throw a baseball correctly. Throwing a baseball can be a lot harder than it really looks, and is all about technique, skill and practice. You have to be patient and allow enough time to develop your skills to throw a baseball correctly. Once you develop the skills and techniques for throwing a baseball the correct way, the game will be a lot more fun and you will be able to utilize those skills to your advantage on the field.

To throw a baseball correctly, you will need:

  • A baseball
  • A baseball glove
  1. Learn how to grip the ball. Grip the ball across the seams of the baseball by placing your fingers over the tops of the seams. Make sure the seams on the ball run horizontally when you grip your fingers across them. When you grip the ball, make sure that you keep the baseball on your fingertips and not in the palm of your hand. Once you learn how to grip the ball correctly, when you throw it you can keep the ball in the air longer and cause it to travel a straighter, longer distance.
  2. Work on your standing position and your balance. Plant your back foot on the same side of your body that you are going to throw the ball with. If you are right-handed, plant your right foot back behind you on the ground and then step forward with your left foot when you are ready to throw the baseball. To throw a baseball correctly, all of your weight needs to be distributed in the center of your body. As you throw the ball you will move your hips forward as your lifted leg begins to drop. This helps you to use gravity to your advantage.
  3. Use the right arm motion. You are going to always throw the ball in a circular motion to help assist you in throwing the baseball correctly. Whether you are throwing the ball a short distance or a longer distance, the circular motion will provide a more natural momentum. You will just adjust the size of the circular motion based upon the distance that you are trying to throw the ball. This will give you better results than just throwing a baseball by bringing your arm back and then forward.



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