How To Throw A Casino Party At Home

Throw a casino party at home and easily create a memorable social event for all of your family and friends. Theme parties are an excellent way to set the mood of the evening and keep your guests entertained. While planning a casino party requires a lot of planning, in the end, it's sure to be the most talked about event of the year.

  1. Make invitations and send them to your guests. Invitations for a casino party at home are fairly simple to create. With red and white construction paper, you can create an invitation that looks like a poker chip. First, lay the red construction paper on a flat surface. Then set a circular object, like a glass jar, on top of the paper. Trace around the edge with a pencil to create a perfect circle. Then cut the circle out. Cut a slightly smaller circle from the white paper and write out the party details for your guests. Then glue the white circle onto the red paper. Finally, use a black marker to draw lines that extend from the white circle out to the edges of the red paper. This helps create the effect that real poker chips have along the edge.
  2. Choose an area of your home to have the party. This doesn't have to be one large room, you can use a few smaller rooms. However, it's a good idea to keep similar games together. For example, you can have a slot machine room, a card game room and a room that holds other casino games, like roulette and craps.
  3. Contact party supply stores to rent casino games. There are stores that will not only rent you card tables, but also craps tables and roulette wheels.
  4. Decide what food and drinks to serve your guests. You can keep the food simple by setting up a buffet table and letting your guests grab food as they want. Decorate the table with a white table cloth and scatter poker chips on the top of the table to help it fit in with the decor. Make sure if you are using poker chips to bet that you mark the ones you have laid out for decorations so that no one can cheat. Place bowls filled with chips, pretzels and dip on the table. You can also add patters filled with vegetables and finger sandwiches. Some people like to consume alcohol when they gamble, so you should have some sort of alcoholic beverages available to guests of drinking age.
  5. Hire someone to work the tables. The party will go a lot smoother if you have people assigned to work each game. Not only will this take the pressure off the guests, but it ensures that every one can relax because the person who runs the game is responsible for it. If you don't want to hire people, you can ask family members to help out.
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