How To Throw A Casino Theme Party

Sociable adults know how to throw a casino theme party that all guests can enjoy. Basic knowledge of how to play four or more casino games is necessary when planning the technical aspects of your party. Learn how to throw a casino theme party that can be planned for a variety of occasions.

To throw a casino theme party, you will need:

  • Casino-themed party invitations
  • Black table covers
  • Green table covers
  • Casino chips
  • Tables
  • Table attendants
  • Showgirls
  • Poker chips
  • A roulette wheel game set
  • A bingo game set
  • Standard card decks
  • Party platters
  • Party favors
  • Jackpot prizes
  1. Send casino party invitations to all guests in advance. You can find a variety of casino-themed invitations to choose from at a party supply store. Include additional information about dress codes if necessary. You can also list entertainment, games and other activities that will be available for guests at the casino theme party. Add a minimum cash deposit requirement to each invitation if you will be playing with real money. Do not mention cash if you plan to throw a casino theme party centered on basic methods of fun.
  2. Sit four tables in the largest room of your party venue to be used for games. Decorate three of these game tables each with one green table cover and a standard card deck. Use one black table cover for the fourth game table. Put a roulette wheel game set on one of your green-colored game tables. Place a bingo game set on the black-colored game table. Add 500 poker chips to each of your green-colored game tables. Decorate two additional tables with one black table cover each. Sit sandwich, dessert and appetizer party platters on one of the black-colored tables. Use the last black-colored table for party favors, prizes and drinks.
  3. Gather support staff to manage activities and entertainment when planning to throw a casino party. Ask four friends or relatives to work as game table attendants during your casino theme party. Assign attendants to one table each after confirming their knowledge of the rules for the games that they will supervise and operate. Hire three actresses or models to work as showgirls and wait staff during your casino theme party. Provide costumes for the showgirls who will be tending to guests at the party. Instruct your attendants to dress in a tuxedo during the casino theme party. Ask the actresses or models to rehearse and perform three dance routines to popular show tunes for your guests.
  4. Greet guests as they arrive at your party and provide them with a brief overview of all gaming table options that you have available. Give winners at each table one jackpot prize. You can also use cash, if desired, based on the initial theme and objectives of your party. Allow the showgirls to fill drink orders from guests who are playing at your game tables. Pause all games and activities at special intervals during your party to introduce one dance routine from the showgirls. Announce the last dance routine as the grand finale of your casino theme party. Allow guests to cash in their chips for party favors or cash before their departure.
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