How To Throw A Christian Bachelor Party

Figuring out how to throw a Christian bachelor party can be challenging. All the things that are normally associated with a typical bachelor party don’t seem right for a Christian bachelor party. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and personalized for the groom.

To throw a Christian bachelor party, you will need:

  • Invitations
  • Party Games
  1. Focus on the groom’s interests. If he is a movie fanatic, baseball enthusiast, hiker or loves to play board games then you can center the bachelor party around those activities.
  2. Don’t have the bachelor party the night before the wedding. Usually that advice is given to avoid the wedding party having a hangover at the wedding. But it makes more sense to do it the weekend before or a few days before the wedding since the actual wedding weekend is usually busy with visiting family.
  3. Send an invitation that denotes the kind of bachelor party you are having. Including a scripture and requesting tasteful gifts are that it is a Christian bachelor party. The best man should talk directly to anyone who might not understand that it is all about good clean fun.
  4. Play some fun games. One is to ask the bride twenty questions before the party. Then at the bachelor party take turns asking the groom those questions and see how well he knows his bride-to-be. Every time he gets one right everybody has to chip in a dollar.
  5. Make a day or weekend of it. A bachelor party can be a weekend camping trip or a day of golfing followed by a steak house dinner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be held only at night.
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