How To Throw Coming Out Party

Learn how to throw coming out party and surprise your friends and family. Whether the party is for you, or for someone else, it's a way to show the world that it's okay to be gay and vocal about it. The best kind of coming out party should reflect the personality of the person it's about. Throwing a coming out party should be flamboyant either way. Put away the pearls and the stuffy cocktails. Being gay does not necessarily mean that the person is wild or colorful. The point of a coming out party is to celebrate the person and also just be wild.

  1. Start with a color theme. To throw a coming out party that is memorable, use crazy colors such as hot-pink and orange together. Metallic versions of these colors are even better. Incorporate the colors in the tablecloths, napkins and streamers.
  2. Hang up fun signs. Get creative with this. Use sayings such as "Happy Gay Day" and hang them around the room. Helium balloons with these same messages are also great for a coming out party.
  3. Create drink stations with creative drinks. Depending on whether you are throwing a coming out party for a lesbian or a gay guy, use drinks that have suggestive names. For example, if the coming out party is for a guy, serve drinks with dirty names. For a lesbian coming out party, serve a drinks with fun names as well.
  4. Serve a delicious cake. Choose a cake that the person coming out will enjoy. Something extravagant such as a three-tier white cake with strawberries on it would be delicious. Create a silly message on top.
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