How To Throw A Father’s Day Surprise Party

Want to know how to throw a Father's Day surprise party? A surprise party is a great way to honor dad for Father’s Day. In fact, it’s not very likely that he’ll even suspect there is a party in the works. If you are planning to throw a Father’s Day surprise party, there are a few details that need to be taken care of. However, it may turn out to be the simplest party you have ever thrown.

  1. Invitations should be sent out two to three weeks in advance so that your guests can plan on attending. Since Father’s Day is an occasion celebrated by family, keep the guests list limited to family only. The guest of honor’s wife, children and grand children are all that needs to be in attendance. Make sure to note on the invitations that it’s a surprise party and your guests should keep it a secret. Let them know it’s important that they arrive promptly for the surprise to work and where they should park their vehicles.
  2. Designate someone to take dad out for lunch and maybe a movie to get him out of the house. This works well is the wife or girlfriend escort dad, but one of his children can be responsible for this task as well. Set up a time for them to arrive at the party. Try to set this time about 30 minutes after the time you have told the guests to arrive so that everyone has time to get there.
  3. Decorate the party area with balloons, streamers and a huge Happy Father’s Day banner.
  4. Set out a food table to make snack easily accessible for your guests and order a cake. The cake can be simple, but it should also read Happy Father’s Day.
  5. When dad arrives, make sure none of the party guests can be seen through the windows or doors. As dad enters the area that the surprise Father’s Day party is being held, have all of the guests yell, “surprise.”
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