How To Throw A Football Farther

Anyone who has played the Quarterback position has wondered how to throw a football farther. Increasing your throwing range will make your a better Quarterback and will help your team stretch the field on offense. Following these simple strategies will help you throw throw a football farther than you could before:
  1. Strengthen your arm and leg muscles. Most of the power needed to throw a football with distance comes from your arm and legs. Strength-training will make your body stronger and capable of throwing farther.
  2. Increase the trajectory of your throws. When you throw a football on a flat line, it reaches its target faster but the ball does not travel as far as it could. For longer throws, throw the football higher into the air than you normally would. Don't throw too high; experiment to find the best angle to reach targets farther away.
  3. Use your waist and legs to drive your passes with more velocity. Arm strength is only part your ability to throw a football. Step into your throws by driving off your back leg, and whipping around your hips as you release the football. Using your lower body will help you throw the football farther than you could with just your arm.
  4. Throw a better spiral to get more distance. Footballs thrown with a good spiral will travel farther than wobbly ones thrown with the same velocity. Achieving a perfect spiral can be a difficult skill that requires practice.


Make sure the football is properly inflated; a slightly-deflated football will not travel as far as a fully-inflated football.

When performing strength-training exercises for your arms, train both arms equally to avoid strength imbalance.


Attempting to throw a football farther beyond your limits may increase the strain on your arm and can cause injury.

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